Hanoi Host Family Tour- 80$
Ms Manh, her family are living in suburb of Hanoi, she loves traditional, culture and nature. She would like to exchange it to everyone in the world. Her parents are farmers. They work very hard on the beautiful land (fruit and vegetable plantation). She family loves to meet travelers from around the world to introduce about the local  life, local market, chat with hospitality people, cook our traditional dishes and share peaceful moment with her family.

*Hanoi Host Family Tour* 

At 8.00, you leave Hanoi center and drive to the west of city. It is about 40 km = an hours driving. I will see you in meeting point. Firstly, you will visit a local market since Le King Dynasty. It is the most famous market in the region where many traditional items for sales. If on market days, people from all the surrounding villages would come to trade. People bring dogs, cats, pigs, chickens, ducks, and bamboo baskets to sell. Everyone is excited to meet each other on that day. You will be surprised about bustling and colorful market which is working under the canopy of old tree. You will see the old woman chew betel and areca nut and blacksmiths work hard with his bright brazier. Right next to the market place is nice vegetable farms. We take a tour around vegetable fields growing a variety of produce including: cauliflower, cabbage, tomatoes, green peas, Chinese peas and corn, as well as fruit gardens with oranges, pomelos, papaya and more., and you may have chance to join with a farmer working in his field.

You will have opportunity to help in the work of the small land-holding. Depend on the season this will involve ranking, sowing, water greens, picking greens and other garden activities. You will have opportunity to ask experienced for local farmers about cultivation techniques and lifestyle. After that, you go to my house to cook delicious and traditional dishes, enjoy local fresh vegetable, fruit, make traditional cake and talk about Vietnamese family’s custom together. I offer free tea and local  wine.

At 12.30, enjoy a local lunch, you then will have continue the tour with visiting Duong Lam village (Option 1) or Hung King temple (Option 2), please choose only one Option below.

Option 1: Host Family- Duong Lam village


13.00. Continue to driver around 40Km to Duong Lam ancient village, then visit Mong Phu temple, some ancient houses and enjoy local products: rice wine, rice cakes. Enjoy walking or biking 45 minutes in peaceful countryside road to some historical vestiges such as: Giang Van Minh worship-house, Temples of King Ngo Quyen and Phung Hung, seeing a natural holy “milking- well” storing clear water all the year round. It is believed to help childless couple produce a baby if drinking this water.

16.30. Get dropped off at hotels. Tour ends.

Option 2:  Host Family- Hung King temple 


13.00, Continue to drive 70Km to Hung King Temple (Den Hung), is a complex of temples first built in the 10th century A.D on the Nghia Linh Mountains of Phu Tho province, the Temple is dedicated to Hung Kings, the Founder Kings of Van Lang.  The Festival is annually held from 8th to the 11th days of the third lunar month.

A saying goes: “Whoever goes up the hill and down the dale. Remember the 10th of Lunar March, the ancestor’s anniversary”

At 14.30, you will climb up around 500 stone steps and down in 2 hours to visit  3 temples such as  Den Ha (lower temple= 225 steps), Den Trung (middle temple= 168 steps), Den Thuong (upper temple= 102 steps). The top of the 175 metre high of Nghia Linh mountain, you'll come to Den Thuong (upper temple) where Hung Kings and the Royal Court worshiped the King of Heaven and other Gods wishing the Kingdom to be granted with clement weather for bumper crops.

After having climbed up to the Upper Temple, travelers continue to take another road to the last stop, Gieng (Well) Temple, at the foot of the mountain. Gieng Temple is said to be a miraculous place for those who want to pray for their loved ones. The temple is so called because there is a well where princesses Tien Dung and Ngoc Hoa had often come to use as a mirror.

At 16.30, driver will take you back Hanoi on the highway for over an hour.

At 18.00, say goodbye with friendly tour guide and driver, see you next time.

Tour costs in USD per person


Private tour


Private tour


Private Tour


Private Tour


 Option 1





  Option 2





+ Include: Tour guide, car, entrance fees, water, lunch.

+ Exclude: Tips (not compulsory), dinner.

                                    Enjoy your time with us!

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